Petro Mbwanya Wabwana

I’m Petro Mbwanya Wabwana, an African self taught poet and author of My First Mosaic ( . ). A Word Weaver of an enthusiastically altruistic tendency, a passionate Pan-Africanist, and a global citizen who loves people, cultural diversity and languages –diversity as a life style. I’m a firm believer of the religion of sharing and caring, an activist for human rights, advocate for less privileged people, a fighter for the humanitarian cause, a lover of Africa/Africanity and an amplifier of the voice of the youth. My entire life and art is purposed for humanity and my philosophy of what it means to be human –to be kind and care for the human kind. I’m founding member of Voice1Africa, a young continent-wide Pan-African youth movement (

Like a mosaic is made of myriad imperfect pieces of thousand unique shapes, so are my art and my debut book masterpieces wrought out of imperfect pieces of words cemented together to display splendor of uniqueness and authenticity worth your attention and admiration.

Divided into 12 chapters, My First Mosaic is a collection of 69 thrilling poems and quotes selected from amongst my very first ever written poems; most of them brought to life between July and December last year (2020). This selection of poems is purposed to present me to the world, who I am, what I stand for, and how I view the world — my philosophy and idealogy in relationships with God and human beings. A triangular relationship.

So then the publication is a gift from my heart through my God given art to the human race and a legacy for generations yet to exist. And since humanity is the center of it all, part of all royalties generated from the selling of copies do contribute to funding NGOs that work to improve the conditions of fellow humans.

“A life lived for others is a life that matters,” they say.

Petro Mbwanya