Kyle Jantjies

Kyle Jantjies is a 26-year old, whose name you will not easily forget, when you get to know more about his passionate pursuit of literary success.

He is a born-again Christian, a biologist, teacher, and published author of 13 novels. Born and raised in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town, he holds an Honors degree in Molecular Biology and is currently completing his MSc degree. He is also a Math, Geography and Life Orientation teacher at a High School in Hanover Park.

His novels include four stand-alone novels namely:

  • The Tuloc Triangle – Dramatic Fantasy
  • Blood Poetry – Dystopian Novel
  • Why my past won’t leave me alone – Christian Fiction and,
  • The G.L.O.A.T – The Search for Mokole-Mbembe (which was one of the ten finalists for the Author Elite Awards 2021 for Best General Fiction Book)
  • Escapism – An Adventure Novel


He has just completed a heroic fantasy series called Journey of Soul, of which he has completed 7 books, as well as a short story. Through his passion, determination and hard work, 9 of the books were written in 2021 alone.

In his own words, Kyle describes himself as someone who enjoys writing. “I’m able to immerse myself in a world that I’d love to be in without making a complete fool of myself; not that being a fool is entirely a bad thing. It’s subjective,” say Kyle.

Of his studies and story inspiration he says: “I study biology for three main reasons: I love animals, I love adventure and I love science. I’m an adventurer at heart; I could spend days climbing mountains, trekking through untraveled paths and messing with things which I’m really not supposed to. Which is why most, if not all, of my stories include the main character travelling to some distant place.”

Kyle continues: “And I LOVE fighting. Not aggressive, angry, emotional fights, just good sporty fights. That’s why I practice martial arts and that’s why I write action stories. It fascinates me.”

Where he finds the time to excel academically, teach young minds, practice the discipline of martial arts and write gripping fantasy books is an inspirational story of balance, commitment and vision that many need to hear.

To add to his list of accolades, this young author kicked off the year with one of his books achieving a sales ranking in the top 100 in three different categories on

“People often ask what good can come out of Mitchell’s Plain or the Cape Flats, I hope I can be an answer to those people and an inspiration to others that need to learn not to be boxed in by their environments or personal challenges,” concludes Kyle.

Kyle is available for book club engagements, motivational talks and interviews. For more information or to get onto the guest list for his upcoming book launch visit