Christa Kleynhans

I am a free-spirit and philosopher who like to spend time reading supernatural and esoteric topics. I question life and society’s influence it has on individual’s lives. I have a dark, wicked sense of humour. I have a empathetic nature and rely on intuition to propel me forward in life. I have motivation and I am a ‘never say die’. I have spent time in the UK, China and Saudi which enriched my life. I love new experiences.

I am originally from a small farming village in a rural area in South Africa. I wrote poetry from 1995 when I was in grade 9 and continued writing poetry until I decided to publish on KDP. It was a huge leap of faith as I included personal memoirs and poems about what I have witnessed and experienced.

I was petrified exposing myself emotionally by publishing ‘Red in Awe’ but decided to publish as I believe there are a lot of negative experiences women sweep under the rug. Be it being exposed to abuse, sexism, harassment and making life changing decisions in the absence of support which can change the direction of their lives. My aim is to give a voice to women and for them to empower themselves and to take their power back.

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