ADAM SMALL BeJazzed is a tribute to Adam Small’s poetry, the language, the people, the man himself whose voice authorities tried to silence, a voice that brought “Kaaps” to a status worthy of the people who speak it, our political landscape then and now, showcased on a musical platform through Jazz, Blues and Hip Hop. 

With this collaboration of composers, musicians and wellknown performer  Natalia Da Rocha  Adam Small BeJazzed  will showcase the diverse musical cultures present in the Western Cape. With a band of young musicians that can perform on any international stage: Ashsmit Malan on guitar, Isaac Jones on Drums and Andre Albertyn on guitar makes for an exciting homegrown product that will be a testament of our history, our phenomenal talent and expertise. A product that will transcend our regional borders and Showcase South Africans that have been marginalised then and now and yet have reached heights without any support and recognition. 

ADAM SMALL BeJazzed will get your feet tapping and your fingers snapping! A feelgood show with the Adam Small sting!! So come and join us in Celebrating the Life of Adam Small with Adam Small BeJazzed

It took me 3 years to get a meeting with Adam Small and eventually via Michael-Lucien Le Cordeur I spoke with Rosalie Small and made an appointment to meet with Adam and Rosalie. I emailed them my proposal of Adam Small BeJazzed.  
The meeting was something that I will remember my entire life.  I was star strucked and had to control myself and not gush like a teenager.
I had never read any of his plays nor did I watch any of the performances.
We met in a restaurant and Adam and Rosalie immediately made Kurt and I feel comfortable.
He had a copy of my proposal and in short: he loved the idea of composing music for his poetry.
My idea was to make his poetry more accessible to a younger market

The proposal in short:

An Adam Small festival with extracts from some of his plays as well as BeJazzed the musical event.
He sent me his plays as well as copies of the poems that I thought would work with music.
It was a go ahead from Adam & Rosalie. Next up was getting the composers and securing a venue. Artscape came onboard with the Arena theatre.
Adam Small BeJazzed was definitely a first!

Geskryf deur: Natalia da Rocha