Petronel Baard

This theatre entrepreneur, arts developer, power-house voice and diva is a passionate and talented artist. She writes, performs and produces her own productions and music and is well-known and loved in the country of her birth, South-Africa.

Growing up in the beautiful Overberg town, Villiersdorp in the Western Cape, Petronel use to sing and dream of a career in entertainment. The town’s people loved to see her dancing in the wind and singing to the trees.

In 1999 she entered and won ATKV Crescendo, a national singing competition in SA that kicked off her professional career in earnest. She has released numerous albums, singles and done hundreds of live shows since then.

Petronel has an astounding voice and after winning this competition, started touring the country with her own, unique cabaret shows. She soon got involved in theatre development, TEO as she calls it and today she servers on many committees and theatre collectives to develop the arts and artists of the South-African community.

In 2020 she was awarded with the Cordis Trust “Orde van die Beiteltjie” – a very special award for her continued support of the Afrikaans culture and still continues in the creation and establishment of opportunities and many adventures as an artist not only for herself, but many others too.

Shows and tours include her very special production, “‘n Blom in Elke Vrou”, Verdubbel die Geluk with fellow-artist Stef Kruger and Triptruuk with Stef Kruger and Soetmelk. Petronel also hosts a variety of solo performances under “Musiek van die Lang Vrou” that varies in content with her vast repetoire of original music, arrangements and covers of music that influenced her. She does this in her own, special way.

Petronel is classically trained, plays piano and guitar and has an enigmatic stage


Petronel Baard.


The ultimate performer